Creating Assessments - Finding and Selecting Assessment Items

How do I get to this page?

1 Renaissance Home page Select New Custom Assessments.
2 Star Custom Home page Select Plan Assessment.
3 Selecting Skills / Plan List Select students, subject, time frame, and skills; then, select Continue.
4 Choose Your Assessments page At the bottom of the page, select Create your own.
4A Assessment Details page Enter a title and description of your assessment and select additional options; then, select Continue.
4B Find and Select Assessment Items page

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Creating a Star Custom assessment is a three-stage process—this page is for the second stage:

   Assessment creation is not complete until all three stages are complete.

  1. Note: If you need to change any of the assessment details before proceeding by selecting Back at the top of the page .

  2. Existing assessment items that address the skills you have chosen to include are presented on this page . If there are multiple pages of items, use the navigation controls under the list to move from one page to another .

    Each item has its name listed , the grade that the skills in the item are intended for , and the item type . The colored squares below each item's name correlate the items with the selected skills at the top of the page.

    When you select either the colored or gray squares, a pop-up window opens, listing all the skills covered by the item. Colored squares correlate to the skills shown at the top of the page , which were selected in the initial stage of finding assessments. Gray squares are additional skills covered by the items, but which you did not select.

    Select View Details to view additional information about the skills. You will see the skill information in a new window, with the skill details shown by default. Select one of the categories on the left to see domains and standards, subskills, and prerequisite skills. (Some skills may not have subskills or prerequisites.)

    Select Close in this window, or the in the initial window to return to item selection.

    • You can search for specific items by entering keywords in the search field and then selecting the magnifying glass .

    • Select Filters to filter the items are shown based on the number of points the items are worth. Slide the circles left and right to specify a range of points on the number line. Points outside the selected range will be grayed out.

    • Use the Sort By drop-down list to sort results by relevance to your search or by item name.
  3. Select Preview to see a preview of an item. The preview will open in a new window or tab, and shows the item as a student taking the assessment would see it:

  4. There are two different ways to add an item to an assessment.

    • Select Add to List below the item . The item will appear in the Selected Items list on the right .

    • You can also add an item to an assessment by selecting the columns of "gripper" dots on the left side of the item , then dragging it to the Selected Items area on the right.

  5. Once items have been added to assessments, you can change their order by selecting and dragging the item to a different position.

  6. To remove an item from an assessment, select the , or drag the item out of the section on the right.

  7. If you are unable to find an item that suits your needs, you can make one yourself by selecting either multiple choice or constructed response under the Selected Items area . A custom-made item can be used just like an existing item; when you make your own item, you can choose whether to make it available only to yourself or to everyone in your school.

  8. Once you have found/created the items you want to use and have added them to your assessment, select Continue to go to the next stage: reviewing the assessment. Select Cancel to return to the Star Custom Home page without saving any of your changes.