Creating Assessments - Assessment Details

How do I get to this page?

1 Renaissance Home page Select New Custom Assessments.
2 Star Custom Home page Select Plan Assessment.
3 Selecting Skills / Plan List Select students, subject, time frame, and skills; then, select Continue.
4 Choose Your Assessments page At the bottom of the page, select Create your own.
4A Assessment Details page

Teachers can also create Star Custom assessments by selecting the Add Content tile on the Renaissance Place Home page. The procedure is different from the one presented below—see this topic for more details.

   Note to Planner Users: Planner uses the same method to create assessments as Star Custom. If you came to this page from Planner, once you are done creating the assessment, you will be returned to Planner.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Creating a Star Custom assessment is a three-stage process—this page is for the first stage:

   Assessment creation is not complete until all three stages are complete.

  1. Enter a title and a description for your assessment. An accurate title and description will help you (and possibly others) find your assessment and decide whether or not they want to use it—don't forget the title you use.

  2. Use the Select... button in the Grade field to select the grades the assessment should be available to. Check the grades in the drop-down list , and then select Done at the bottom . Keep in mind that this is a recommendation only. For example, a group of high-performing third-grade students could be given a Grade 4 assessment.

    Note: You can remove a selected grade without using the drop-down list—just select the on the right side of the grade .

  3. For localization , select the region the assessment is intended for.

  4. For availability , you can choose who will have access to your assessment. The options will differ based on your user type:

    • District level administrators and district staff can make the assessment available to everyone in the district, everyone in the selected school (the one selected in the first stage of planning and scheduling assessments), or only to themselves.
    • School level administrators, school staff, and teachers can make the assessment available to everyone in their school, or only to themselves.

    The ability to share created content (at both the school and district levels) can be changed by managing capabilities in Renaissance Place.

  5. After entering all the information about your assessment, select Continue to go to the next stage (finding or creating assessment items). To leave this page without saving any of your work, select Cancel .