Star Custom Dashboard

The Star Custom Dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of students' Star Custom assessment data. Select one of the panels on the dashboard to open the desired view:

  • Item Responses: Shows you which responses were chosen on student assignments. This can help you see how students did on the items and how good the items are based on the distractors students have chosen..

  • Monitor Student Mastery: Shows a comprehensive view of mastery at the domain, standard, skill, and subskill level using data from across Renaissance Learning applications.

  • Review Student Results: Provides teachers with their students' results on skills and assignments.

  • Track Student Work: Gives teachers an easy way to see assignment status (complete, in progress, etc.) and what action they need to take (such as scoring or review).

  • View Assessment Data: Shows you assessment scores for Star Reading, Star Math, Star Early Literacy, and Star Custom. It also includes scores for any summative assessment data that you have imported.

Select Back to return to Star Custom.

For more information about the Star Custom dashboard, see Key report samples: Star Assessments™.