Hand Scoring

Who can do this with default capabilities?

  • District Level Administrators/District Staff: any class or school in the district
  • School Level Administrators/School Staff: any class in their school
  • Teachers: any of their own classes

Some Star Custom assessment items, such as multiple-choice questions, can be scored automatically. Others, such as constructed-response questions, need to be hand-scored in order to complete the assessment.

  1. On the Star Custom Home page, select the arrow next to a plan that has a number showing in the Needs Scoring column . (The number tells you how many students need to have hand scoring performed for an assessment in that plan.)

  2. A student with one or more assessments in the plan that need hand scoring is listed below the plan —select the student's name.

  3. In the list of results for the selected student, any assessments that the student has finished but still require hand scoring will show Submitted in the Status column . Select Submitted, and then select Score Activity in the pop-up window .

  4. The Enter Scores page for the selected student has a square at the top for each item on the assessment (the question you are currently viewing has a blue square). Items that require hand scoring will have a yellow exclamation mark in the upper-right corner .

    Select one of the questions that needs hand scoring.

  5. Review the student's response to the assessment item. The skill assessed by the item is in the upper-right corner . The item and the student's response are shown below.

  6. Use the Select Score drop-down list to assign points to the student's response. (The number of possible points were determined when the item was originally created.) Use your best judgment to determine how many of the possible points the student should receive.

  7. If you wish, you can add a comment item in the Comment to student field . When the student logs in and reviews a completed assessment, the student will see your comments for each assessment item.

  8. Select any other items that require scoring and assign points to them. You do not need to score all the items on a test at once (see the next step).

  9. To stop scoring items, select Done .

    • If there are still unscored items on the assessment, you will see a reminder.

      Select Continue Scoring to continue scoring items on the assessment, or select Save & Exit to save your progress close the student's assessment. You can return to it later to finish—as long as there is an unscored item on the assessment, the assessment's status on the Star Custom Home page will remain at Needs Scoring.
    • If there are no unscored items left on the assessment, you will see a brief message as your progress is saved. The assessment's status will change to Complete, and the student will be able to review it when he or she logs into Renaissance Place.