Planning and Scheduling Assessments - Scheduling Assessments

How do I get to this page?

1 Renaissance Home page Select New Custom Assessments.
2 Star Custom Home page Select Plan Assessment.
3 Selecting Skills / Plan List Select students, subject, time frame, and skills; then, select Continue.
4 Choose Your Assessments page Select assessments, resources, and assignments; then, select Continue.
5 Schedule Assessments page

Who can do this with default capabilities?

  • District Level Administrators/District Staff: any class or school in the district
  • School Level Administrators/School Staff: any class in their school
  • Teachers: any of their own classes

  1. When you first arrive on this page, you will see a window where you can review the items you have chosen to assign in the prior stage.

    The start date shown is based off the dates you chose in the first stage of the planning process. By default, items are assigned to consecutive dates and are available from the initial date to the end of the entire date range. If you want an item to be available on specific dates in the range, enter them here.

    You can also select   Preview to preview an assessment, or Delete to remove it.

    This deletion only removes assessments from a plan, it does not delete the plan itself (which can be done here).

    You can only delete individual assessments from a plan before the plan has been assigned.

    Select Done to view the next assessment. When the last assessment is shown, selecting Done will close this window.

    If you want to skip this step, select the in the upper-right corner.

  2. The assessments and resources you have chosen will be shown on this page in three different rows :

    • Teacher Resources are resources that will help you plan instruction for the selected skills.
    • Assessments are tests that gauge students' understanding of the selected skills.
    • Student Assignments are activities for students that will help them learn about the selected skills; this can include PDFs or addresses to relevant websites.

    The skills relating to the assessments and resources are in a calendar row (for the dates you chose in the initial stage of the planning process) at the top of the page . If the range of dates is more than five days long, a scrollbar will appear above the calendar so you can move back and forth through the entire range of dates.

    • Resource, assessments, and assignments will be placed in the columns that match their start dates—the skill associated with them will span any columns matching those dates.

      For example, the skill "Factors below 100" (green, ) is linked to two teacher resources (with start dates of 6/20 and 6/22) and one assessment (with a start date of 6/21) . The skill spans all three days on the calendar at the top of the page.

    • Assessments that have a specific start and stop date will be placed on the start date, and both the start and stop dates will be listed on the assessment, as shown for the Star Custom assessment "Multiplication: Halfway to 100" (pink, ).

  3. You can rearrange the skills and assessments by selecting the "gripper" dots on the left side and dragging them to different dates.

    You can also expand or contract a date range for a skill by selecting the arrow on the right side and dragging it left or right.

    Assessments, resources, assignments, skills, and start/stop dates interact with one another, so be aware of how changing one can affect the others. In general:

    • Dragging an assessment, resource, or assignment to a new date will change its start date. An assessment, resource, or assignment that has a start and stop date can have its stop date changed by dragging it past the existing stop date, but dragging it back again will not change the stop date back.
    • Dragging a skill to a new date will change the start dates for all assessments, resources, and assignments associated with that skill.
    • Expanding or contracting a date range for a skill will redistribute the assessments, resources, and assignments associated with that skill across the new range (and change their start dates).

    Usually, dragging a skill is best for changing the start date of multiple instances of the skill's associated assessments, resources, and assignments. Dragging an assessment, resource, or assignment is best for changing its start date. Clicking on an assessment, resource, or assignment and entering an end date is the preferred way to change its stop date.

    Note: If your school's days off have been added in Renaissance Place, you will see them marked "Day Off." (Days off are not shown if you selected students from multiple schools.)

  4. Use the Add links on the right side of the page to add more resources, assessments, and assignments . (This will take you back to the Find and Select an Assessment page.)

  5. To delete an assessment, select it. Then, in the pop-up window that opens, select Delete .

    This deletion only removes assessments from a plan, it does not delete the plan itself (which can be done here).

    You can only delete individual assessments from a plan before the plan has been assigned.

  6. To hide the list of assessments, resources, or assignments, select the arrow to the left of the list's name (it will change from to after you select it).

  7. To print your arrangement of assessments, resources, and assignments, select at the bottom of the page . This creates a printable PDF version of the screen and downloads it to your computer.

  8. When you have finished assigning the assessments to specific dates, select Create Assessments .

  9. In the Assign This Assessment pop-up window, a message will remind you about what happens when you create assessments . Enter a name for the plan. .

    To continue, select Continue , or select Cancel return to the prior step.

  10. A message will confirm the assigning of the assessments, resources, and assignments. Select OK .

Once the start date for an assessment arrives, students will see the assessment in the Assignments list on their Home page.

The Assignments list may also include students' assignments from other products.