Planning and Scheduling Assessments - Find and Select an Assessment

How do I get to this page?

1 Renaissance Home page Select New Custom Assessments.
2 Star Custom Home page Select Plan Assessment.
3 Selecting Skills / Plan List Select students, subject, time frame, and skills; then, select Continue.
4 Choose Your Assessments page

Who can do this with default capabilities?

  • District Level Administrators/District Staff: any class or school in the district
  • School Level Administrators/School Staff: any class in their school
  • Teachers: any of their own classes

The assessment you are planning is based on the skills you selected in the prior stage. You can change the skills before proceeding by selecting Back at the bottom of the page. Note that changing the selected skills will affect which assessments, resources, and assignments are presented to you in this stage.

  1. At the top of the Find and Select an Assessment page, you'll see the learning objectives (skills) that you selected . If you want to concentrate one skill at a time, make sure only that skill is checked. You can change which skills are checked as you add assessments, resources, and assignments. If you chose more than three skills, use the scroll bar to see the rest of the skills.

    Note: Some skills may have subskills—there will be an arrow to the left of them . Select the arrow to expand the list of subskills.

  2. Assessments, resources, and assignments that address the skills you have chosen are presented on this page. The colored sections on the bottom of each one show you which of the skills it relates to. In the example below, the color shows you that the assessment is for the first skill. (An assessment, resource, or assignment that relates to more than one skill will show multiple colors.)

    1. Select Filter and Explore Results . The available filters will open as shown below.

    2. By default, all assessments, resources, and assignments are shown: check the boxes if you want to limit the list of results to a specific type. Remove the check mark from a filter to stop using it.

    3. After you select filters, the list will automatically update, displaying only items that match the criteria you chose. The number of filters you have chosen will be shown under the drop-down list . You can remove filters individually (as described above) or by selecting Clear Filters .

    4. Use the Sort By drop-down list to sort results by relevance to your search or by title.

    1. Enter keywords in the search field and select the .

    2. The list of assessments will refresh, showing only the ones that match your keywords. To restore the original list, delete your keywords from the search field and select the again.
  3. Each listing shows colors for each assessment, resources, and assignments (indicating which of the listed skills it relates to) , its name , its source , the total number of skills it relates to , the grade it is targeted to , and a description .

    1. Select the next to the number of skills to open a pop-up window where all of the skills related to the assessment, resource, or assignment are listed .

    2. Once you can see the list of skills, you can select View Details in the lower-left corner of the pop-up window to see detailed information about those skills.

    3. You will see the details for the first skill in the list. To see another skill, select the arrow in the upper-right corner of the Skill Details and Standards window , then choose a skill from the drop-down list. When you're done viewing skill information, select Close .

  4. To preview an assessment, resource, or assignment, select Preview below it . Previewing assessments shows items as a student taking the assessment would see them:

    If you are the creator of an assessment, there will be an Edit link next to the Preview link. Select Edit to make changes to the assessment.

    Note that edits to an assessment will only affect subsequent assignments of that assessment.

  5. To add an assessment, resource, or assignment to your plan, select Add to Plan .

    Note: You can add a maximum of 15 assessments, resources, and/or assignments.

    If you are planning for more than one group, you will be asked to choose the groups that you want to assign the items to. Check the groups and select OK .

    The link will change to " Added to Plan" with a Remove link below it ; select Remove to remove the item.

  6. As you add items, the table at the top of the page will update, showing how many you have assigned and the number of them that cover each skill .

    To see or change the groups that have assessments, resources, and assignments for a skill, select the on the right (the will change to after you select it). In the example below, there are three groups, and the lists show you what has been assigned each group and which items have been assigned to all groups (those given to all groups will be in the list for each group and the All Groups list ). Note that you are only viewing assessments, resources, and assignments for the skill that you have selected.

    You can remove an item by selecting the on the right . If you delete an item from the All Groups list, it will be removed from each of the groups.

  7. After you have chosen the assessments, resources, and assignments that you want to include, select Continue at the bottom of the page. To go back to the prior step without saving your work, select Back .

  8. After you click Continue, you'll go to the Schedule Assessment page, where you can arrange the assessments, resources, and assignments across the days in a calendar.