Domain Score

Domain Scores measure students' degree of mastery of the skills in a domain and are derived from the students' overall Star Unified Scale Score. They can be found on the Monitor Student Mastery view.

The Domain Scores from a Star assessment administered in Spanish are valid and reliable measures of the student's degree of mastery of the skills in a domain in cases where the items are presented in Spanish. Star Spanish Domain Scores are specific to grade-level items in that domain. For example, a Domain Score of 48 for a fifth-grade student means the student would be expected to correctly answer ≈48% of the fifth-grade items in that domain.

The graph shows the Domain Scores for a student's most recent Star Reading Spanish test within the timeframe you choose. The colors show you the Beginning (red, 0–59%), Developing (yellow, 60–79%), and Secure (green, 80–100%) categories for the various scores. These help you put Domain Scores in perspective. For instance, if a Domain Score falls into the Secure range, the student may not need additional instruction and practice on grade-level skills within this domain. When skills fall within the Beginning or Developing ranges, they have likely not yet mastered the grade-level skills within those domains.

Note that Domain Scores do not reflect any specific items students answered correctly or incorrectly while taking a Star assessment, but instead are derived from the student's overall Star Unified Scale score. By focusing on a specific domain for instruction, students learn more skills which should raise the overall Star Unified Scale score and improve Domain Scores in all domains.