Tips for Getting Started

There are a number of tasks that usually need to be done in Star Reading at the start of a new school year. Select a task to see the instructions for it.

New school year checklist

Get a list of things to do in all programs at the start of a new school year.

Set the Enterprise Tests Preference (district- and class- or group-level preference)

Determines if students can only take Enterprise tests or if they can take either an Enterprise or a non-Enterprise [Progress Monitoring] test. Can be set at the district level or the class or group level.

Set the Extended Question Time Limit Preference

Extend the amount of time a student has to answer questions.

Set the Estimated Instructional Reading Level (IRL) Preference

Changes the difficulty level of the first question the student sees on a test.

Print a list of student user names and passwords

Have this information on hand and review the procedure for logging in students.

Read and print the Test Administration Manual

Helps you give a basic test orientation for the Star Reading Enterprise test to your students (includes the procedures formerly found in the Star Reading Pretest Instructions — Enterprise).

Review instructions for testing students

Familiarize yourself with the entire test-taking procedure.

Stopping a test

Be ready for interruptions by knowing how to pause or stop a test.

View or print reports

Review student test results and use the information to help plan instruction.