Viewing Reports

Once Star Reading has finished generating a report, it will open in Adobe Reader, or your default PDF reader. Use the controls in the reader to save or print the report.

The Growth Proficiency Chart is designed for online interaction, not for printed output. This report does not automatically create PDFs and does not have a print function.

Any of the following links may be at the top of the View Report Page (different links show up based on what report you're looking at):

This link takes you to the Report Options page, where you can change the options you have selected and then click View Report to reprint the report.

This will take you to the Star Reading Reports page, where you can choose a different report to begin printing.

If you are viewing the Screening Report or the Student Progress Monitoring Report, this link takes you to the Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention page.

If you used a link on the Star Reading Enterprise Home page to begin creating/printing a report, this link takes you back to the Enterprise Home page.

If you have printed a Student Progress Monitoring Report by clicking Generate Progress Report on the Student Detail page, this link will return you to the Student Detail page.

For information about the report, select Reports in the help contents and then select the name of the report.

For information about the scores in the report, select Scores in the help contents and then select a score.