Estimated Instructional Reading Level

Note: The Estimated Instructional Reading Level is set using the Estimated Instructional Reading Level (IRL) Preference. The Instructional Reading Level is reported as a score.

Star Reading normally starts a student's first test with questions slightly below the student's grade level. If the student has taken a Star Reading test in the past six months, Star Reading uses the results from the last test to decide the starting difficulty level for the next one.

However, when students have an Estimated Instructional Reading Level (IRL) set, Star Reading uses that level to decide how difficult the first question should be. Change the Estimated IRL when a student's starting level does not align with the student's grade.

The range for Star Reading test questions is three grades above, and below, the Estimated IRL. For example: If you have a student who is in the 8th grade, but has 4th grade reading skills, you should set the Estimated IRL for that student to 4. The new range would be 1 to 7 (instead of 5 to 11).

Although kindergarteners can take the Star Reading test, kindergarten (K) cannot be set as an Estimated Instructional Reading Level.