Ohio Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment Preference

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance Place.
  2. On the Home page, select Star Reading (or Reading Assessments in the Star 360 section of the Home page if you are using the Star 360 Suite).

  3. Select Preferences.
  4. On the Preferences page, select Edit at the end of the Ohio Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment row.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

  • District Administrators from Ohio only

  1. When you open this page, you will see your school district and the current setting of the preference. Check the Enable box to allow the assessment to be administered in your school district; remove the check mark if you don't want teachers to be able to administer the assessment.

  2. Select Save Changes .

  3. Select Back at the top of the screen to return to the Star Reading Preferences page.

Once the Ohio Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment preference has been enabled, notify the teachers in your school district that they can begin assigning the assessment. District administrators, school administrators, and teachers can assign the assessment to students.