The scores reported in Star Math Spanish are the Star Unified Scale Score and Domain Scores.

  • The Star Unified Scale Score is the actual score that a student received on the Star Math Spanish assessment.
  • Domain Scores measure students' degree of mastery of the skills in a domain and are derived from the students' overall Star Unified Scale Score.

To view these scores:

  1. On the Home page, select Math Dashboard in the "Dashboards and Reporting" section of the page.

  2. On the Math Dashboard Navigator, select either Monitor Student Mastery or Review Student Results.

The Monitor Student Mastery view shows Spanish and English Domain Scores side-by-side. This helps you see whether your students understand grade-level domains and (if they don't) helps you pinpoint whether the problem is based on content or vocabulary/language.

The Review Student Results view shows the Unified Scaled Scores for tests within a selected timeframe. Because multiple tests in the timeframe are included, this view can be used to see if there is improvement (indicated by an increased score) over time.

Make sure you refer to the help for the Monitor Student Mastery view and the Review Student Results view when you are on those pages. They contain a wealth of information on how to select and view student data.