Test Record Report Options

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select either Star Math Spanish or Math Assessments under “STAR 360 en Español”.

  3. In the pop-up window, select Reports.
  4. On the Select Report page, select Test Record.

If you are a district staff member or district level administrator, use the School drop-down list to choose the school for which you want to print the report before selecting Summary. Only schools that have registered Star Math Spanish will be listed.

This report shows individual student results for every test taken during the time period you choose. For each test, the report includes the test date, age, class, teacher, grade placement, and test scores. This report is the easiest way to get a detailed look at a student's test history.

When you customize this report, you can choose these options:

Use the drop-down list to choose all the students in a specific class, or click Students or Classes to choose specific students or classes.

  • When selecting specific students, you will see a checklist of all students enrolled in Star Math Spanish classes. Check each student you want on the report, or check the Student box at the top of the column to select all of them.
  • When selecting specific classes, you will see a checklist of all Star Math Spanish classes. Check each class you want on the report, or check the Class box at the top of the column to select all of them.

Once the desired students or classes have been selected and saved, you will return to the Report Options page.

Reporting Parameter Group

The report shows data from a specific time period. You can use either a marking period that has been set up by a district level administrator/school level administrator for your school, or you can set your own range by choosing a starting and ending date.

Use this option to choose whether to show each student's Grade Equivalent (GE) score on the report.

Choose this option to have students' ID numbers included on this report.

Select View Report when you are finished choosing options. Star Math Spanish will generate the report. When it's ready, the report will open in Adobe Reader, or your default PDF reader.