Tips for Getting Started

There are a number of tasks that usually need to be done in Star Math at the start of a new school year. Select a task to see the instructions for it.

New school year checklist

Get a list of things to do in all programs at the start of a new school year.

Set the Enterprise Tests Preference (district- and class- or group-level preference)

Determines if students can only take Enterprise tests or if they can take either an Enterprise or a non-Enterprise (Progress Monitoring) test. Can be set at the district level or the class or group level.

Set the Extended Question Time Limit Preference

Extend the amount of time a student has to answer questions.

Set the Estimated Math Instructional Level Preference

Changes the difficulty level of the first question the student sees on a test.

Print a list of student user names and passwords

Have this information on hand and review the procedure for logging in students.

Read and print the Test Administration Manual

Helps you give a basic test orientation for the Star Math test to your students (including the procedures formerly found in the Star Math Pretest Instructions).

Review instructions for testing students

Familiarize yourself with the entire test-taking procedure..

Stopping a test

Be ready for interruptions by knowing how to pause or stop a test.

View or print reports

Review student test results and use the information to help plan instruction.