Student Details

Open the Student Details page for a student by clicking that student's name in the Record Book. The Student Details page shows information about a specific student's test history, including the student's current Scaled Score, Percentile Rank, and a projection of what you can expect the Scaled Score to be at the end of the school year.

  1. Use the School, Class or Group, Benchmark, and Student drop-down lists to choose different student details to view; the information shown below will automatically update based on your choices.

    The table on this page shows the student's latest test date, current Scaled Score, projected Scaled Score, and an estimate of the student's algebra readiness. Note: Algebra readiness will not be shown for algebra-only and geometry-only tests.

    • The projected Scaled Score is calculated based on the date chosen for the end of the school year in Renaissance Place. Based on research, 50% of the students who are at the same level as the current student can be expected to achieve this much growth by the end of the school year.
    The table is followed by a graphical representation of the student's Scaled Score (both from the most recent test and projected) in relation to the chosen benchmark .

    • Click Legend to the right of the Benchmark drop-down list at the top of the page to see a key for the available benchmarks.
    Because projected scores and benchmarks do not apply to the algebra and geometry versions of this report, this graph will not be included if the only test the student has taken is algebra-only or geometry-only.
  2. At the bottom of the page are tables that show the student's test dates, Scaled Scores, and Percentile Ranks since the start of the school year .

  3. Click View Suggested Skills to see the skills this student is ready to learn. There will be a button for each type of test the student has taken; for example, if a student hasn't taken an algebra test yet, you cannot view skills suggested by the results of an algebra test.

    Note: If you have Planner or Planner Trial, this button will say View Instructional Planning Report. For those who have it, Planner (or Planner Trial) is used to view suggested skills and related resources.

    The skill is presented on a skill card ; the instructional resources related to the skill and links to those resources are shown below the card .

    Below the skill cards, you will see these tabs for the skill that you are viewing:

    • Skill Details: Select this to see detailed information about the skill, such as the skill area, content-area vocabulary, conceptual knowledge, linguistic competencies, ELL support information, and standards.
    • Resources: Select this to see resources that you can use to work with students on this skill. Resources might include teacher activities, skill probes/sample items, lessons, performance tasks, or videos.
    Below the name of each resource, you will see the overall average ratings given to each resource (if any). (In the example above, the DOK Item is rated 4 stars based on 1 rating.) Ratings can come from any user of Renaissance Place software. If you move the cursor over the stars, you can see the overall average rating for each category: Overall Quality, Skill Alignment, and Thoroughness.

    To rate a resource, select Rate this resource if you haven't rated the resource before. If you want to change your rating for a resource, select your rating (such as "4 out of 5" in the example below ).

    In the window that opens, select a rating for each category; then, select Submit .

    After you rate a resource, you will go back to the page, where you will see your rating to the right. Your rating will be included in the overall average (the stars) within a few minutes; you may need to refresh the page to see this.

    Note: The suggested skills you see for a student will be the same as the ones you would see going through the Math Dashboard; in both cases, the setting for the Learning Standards Preference determines which skills are shown.

  4. Click Done when you are finished viewing the student's details.