Viewing Star Math Instructional Resources

You come to this page when you view instructional resources for a skill from Star Math.

When the page opens, you are viewing the skills and resources at the bottom of the page. The card you are viewing is for the skill that you selected in your Star product. The card includes the description, the skill area, the number of prerequisite skills, and the standard. This card will be shown among related skills, which are listed in teachable order. Swipe/drag the cursor or click the left and right arrows to scroll through the skill cards.

Below the skill cards, you will see these tabs for the skill that you are viewing:

  • Skill Details: Select this to see detailed information about the skill, such as the skill area, content-area vocabulary, conceptual knowledge, skills needed for objectives, ELL support information, and standards.
  • Resources: Select this to see resources that you can use to work with students on this skill. Resources might include teacher activities, skill probes/sample items, lessons, performance tasks, or videos.

Below the name of each resource, you will see the overall average ratings given to each resource (if any). (In the example above, the DOK Item is rated 4 stars based on 1 rating.) Ratings can come from any user of Renaissance Place software. If you move the cursor over the stars, you can see the overall average rating for each category: Overall Quality, Skill Alignment, and Thoroughness.

To rate a resource, select Rate this resource if you haven't rated the resource before. If you want to change your rating for a resource, select your rating (such as "4 out of 5" in the example below ).

In the window that opens, select a rating for each category; then, select Submit .

After you rate a resource, you will go back to the page, where you will see your rating to the right. Your rating will be included in the overall average (the stars) within a few minutes; you may need to refresh the page to see this.

About the Graph Above the Skills

If you want to explore other skills, you can scroll up to the top of the page and select a subject, grade, Scaled Score, and a domain family.
Select Grade, Scaled Score, and Domain

The graph below these options shows the skills most closely related to what you selected. The dashed vertical lines in the graph show specific Scaled Scores.

Each circle on the graph represents a skill, and dots within a circle show you how many subskills there are (if any). The skills are shown within their domains, which are listed on the right side of the graph. Skills that are suggested for the Scaled Score above the graph have an blue area outside the circle as shown below. Focus skills are marked with F.

If you move the cursor over a skill circle, you can see the skill name, whether it is a Focus skill, whether it is suggested for the selected Scaled Score, and the Scaled Score that it most closely relates to (Difficulty). The bar above the circle ( in the example below) shows which grade the skill relates to; move the cursor over the bar to see the grade. The gray line(s) below a skill show the standard it relates to; move the cursor over the bar(s) to see the standard description. Note that several skills may be linked to the same standard, and some skills may relate to more than one. Use the scroll bar under the graph to scroll through the skills to the left or to the right.
skill circle

select skills

Once you have selected a skill, you will see the card for that skill below the graph as described above.

Standards View

The Standards view helps you focus on the standards themselves and to see a list of skills associated with each standard. To switch to this view, in the top-left corner of the graph, select the top button .

switch views

In the Standards view, each standard is shown as a rectangle labeled with the standard or domain name and standard number. Those shaded blue relate to the Scaled Score you entered above the graph. When you move the cursor over a standard, you see the full standard name and description. When you select a standard, the standard description and related skills are shown to the right. Under the skills, you see the prerequisites and standards for each skill.

standards view