Record Book

The Record Book integrates Star Math Enterprise assessment data and Core Progress. It gives teachers the ability to view the date of their students' last assessment, the Scaled Score and Percentile Rank from the last assessment, the benchmark category based on the last assessment, what types of test the student has taken, and the Instructional Groups students belong to (if they have been assigned to one).

The Record Book lists all students in a class or group regardless of whether they have taken a test.

District level administrators and district staff can view any school, class, group, or student in the district in a Record Book.

School level administrators, school staff, and teachers can view any class, group, or student in their own school in a Record Book.

There are two ways to access the Record Book:

  • Click Star Math on the Home page, then click Record Book.

  • Click Record Book in the Important Features section of the Star Math Enterprise Home page.

Record Book links and options:

The following links are in the gray sidebar on the left side of the page:

  • Return to Home: Go back to the Renaissance Place Home page.
  • Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention: View and edit benchmarks.
  • Reports: Print a report.

Use the School drop-down list to choose the school you want to work with (if you are a district level administrator, district staff member, or are assigned to more than one school).

Use the Class or Group drop-down list to choose the class or group you want to view data for.

Use the Benchmark drop-down list to choose the benchmark you want to compare students' Scaled Scores to.

Click Legend to see a key for the available benchmarks.

Use the Test Type drop-down list to choose which type of test you want to view data for (Enterprise, Algebra, or Geometry). Note: This drop-down list will only appear if the chosen class has students in grades 7–12 and the Test Type Preference has been set for the class.

Use the Sort by drop-down list to sort the information in the table: you can sort by students' names, ascending or descending Scaled Scores, test dates, or the instructional groups the students belong to.

When sorting by instructional group, the table is broken into separate sub-tables, one for each instructional group, with the median Scaled Score for the students in that group listed above it.

  • If you have Planner, you will see a Plan Class Instruction button under the Sort by drop-down list. (If you have Planner Trial, the button will say View Skills & Resources.) Select the button to go to Planner or Planner Trial, where you can view resources and assessments for this class and (for Planner) assign them to students.

  • For any students in the Unassigned group, the median Scaled Score will not be shown.

Click Edit Instructional Groups to change the number of instructional groups and which students are assigned to them.

Click a student's name to see the Student Details page for that student.