Editing Estimated Cut Scores (Star Math Enterprise)

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Level Administrators, District Staff

If a there is a linking study between the state test and the Star Math test, the Scaled Score (SS) that a student receives can be used to see if the student has reached a state benchmark. Essentially, you use the results of a Star Math test to predict how a student will perform on a state test.

However, some grades may not have the linking study; for example, a state test might only have a linking to Star Math for grades 3–8. In cases like this, no values are assigned to the non-linked grades, but you can assign your own if you want to.

The procedure for editing non-linked grades begins on the View Benchmarks page. There are two ways to reach the View Benchmarks page—use whichever method you prefer, then go to step 1:

  1. Click Star Math on the Home page, then click Enterprise Home.

  2. On the Star Math Enterprise Home page, click Benchmarks (below "Benchmark Options" in the Important Features section of the page).

  1. Click Star Math on the Home page, then click Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention.

  2. Click View Benchmarks in the gray sidebar on the left side of the page.

    If you can't click on View Benchmarks, the selected school does not have any screening dates. Make sure you see the name of the school you want to work with in the School drop-down list.

  1. In the top section of the View Benchmarks page, click the tab for your state .

  2. Click Edit Non-Linked Grades .
  3. On the Edit Estimated Cut Scores page, enter the Scaled Score values you want in the appropriate fields.

    • You can enter numbers from 2–1400.
    • For each grade (row), the numbers must be lowest at the left and highest at the right.
    • You can also click Recommend Scores to have the software automatically calculate and enter scale scores in all the fields for you. These calculated scores are not linked to the state test. They are extrapolated from the scores for grades that are linked to the state test.

      Clicking Recommend Scores fills in values for all the fields—if you have already entered your own values in any of the fields before clicking Recommend Scores, they will be overwritten. You can change any of the recommended scores after they have been calculated.

      Think of each Scaled Score as a point on a line. Once you have entered values for any of the At/Above or Below scores, the software calculates the ranges between those scores. The following examples show state tests using from 2–5 categories.

  4. Click Save to save the changes you have made to the non-linked grades. To exit this page without saving your changes, click Cancel . Once you have saved your changes, the new values will be shown in the table in the tab for your state on the View Benchmarks page.