Taking the Star Early Literacy Spanish Test

Step 1: You or your teacher should enter the web address (URL) for Renaissance Place.

Step 2: On the Welcome to Renaissance Place page, select I'm a Student.

Step 3: Do you remember your user name?

Enter your user name, then go ahead to Step 4.

Ask the teacher for help, or:

  1. Select Forgot Your User Name?
  2. If the name of the school shown is not the name of your school, select change school now, select the name of your school, and then select Next >.
  3. Type in all or part of your name and select Search.
  4. Select your name in the list that appears. If your name is not on the list, select < Back and try typing in all or part of your name again, or ask your teacher for help.
  5. Select your name, and your user name will be filled in for you. Type in your password and select Log In.

Step 4: Do you remember your password?

Enter your password and select Log In; go ahead to Step 5.

Ask the teacher for help.

Step 5: Select Star Early Literacy Spanish (or Take an Early Literacy Test under Star 360 en Español).

Step 6: Does the program ask you which class you want to use?

Select the name of the class you are in right now. Ask the teacher if you are not sure which one to choose. Then go ahead to Step 7.

Go ahead to Step 7.

Step 7: Select Start. Does the program ask for a monitor password?

The teacher has to enter a password before you can begin taking the test. Once the password is entered, go ahead to Step 8.

Go ahead to Step 8.

Step 8: Does a video start to play, showing you how to take the test?

Watch the video carefully. It will show you how to answer a question and how to have a question repeated. When the video is over, go ahead to Step 9.

Go ahead to Step 9.

Step 9: Does the program give you some problems with only one answer?

These questions are to make sure you know how to pick and enter an answer. If you are having trouble, the program will tell you to ask the teacher for help. When you have finished, go ahead to Step 10.

Go ahead to Step 10.

Step 10: The program will give you some practice questions. Answer them just like you would for an actual test.

  • A clock will flash on the screen when you are almost out of time to answer a question.

After you complete the practice questions:

  • If you pass the practice, the test will begin—go ahead to Step 11.
  • If you do not pass the practice, the program will tell you to ask the teacher for help.

Step 11: The test begins. Answer the questions just like you did for the practice.

  • To hear a question again, either select Listen or press L on the keyboard.
  • If you see a flashing clock, you are almost out of time for the question you are working on.
  • The teacher cannot help you with the questions during the test, but the teacher can stop the test for you if necessary.

Step 12: When you have finished the test, the program will tell you that the test is over. Select OK, and the computer will log you out of the program.