Domain Scores

Domain Scores measure students' degree of mastery of the skills in a domain and are derived from the students' overall Star Unified Scale Score. They can be found on the Monitor Student Mastery view.

The Domain Scores from a Star assessment administered in Spanish are valid and reliable measures of students' degree of mastery of the skills in a domain in cases where the items are presented in Spanish. Star Spanish Domain Scores are specific to grade-level items in that domain. For example, a Domain Score of 48 for a group of second-grade students means the students would be expected to correctly answer ≈48% of the second-grade items in that domain.

The graph shows the Domain Scores for students' most recent Star Early Literacy Spanish test within the timeframe you choose. The colors show you the Beginning (red, 0–59%), Developing (yellow, 60–79%), and Secure (green, 80–100%) categories for the various scores. These help you put Domain Scores in perspective. For instance, if a Domain Score falls into the Secure range, the students may not need additional instruction and practice on grade-level skills within this domain. When skills fall within the Beginning or Developing ranges, they have likely not yet mastered the grade-level skills within those domains.

Note that Domain Scores do not reflect any specific items students answered correctly or incorrectly while taking a Star assessment, but instead are derived from the students' overall Unified Scale score. By focusing on a specific domain for instruction, students learn more skills which should raise the overall Unified Scale score and improve Domain Scores in all domains.