Stopping a Star Early Literacy Test

Situations may arise in the classroom which interrupt a test (for example, a surprise fire drill). If this happens, the teacher or test monitor can stop the test, either pausing it so the student can return to it later, or stopping it entirely so the student can start over on a new test. The test can be paused and resumed as many times as needed, but it can only be resumed within 8 calendar days of when it was originally started. Keep in mind that pausing and resuming a test is a nonstandard administration; use this option only when absolutely necessary.

  1. Click Stop Test in the upper-right corner of the screen .

  2. Click one of the following options:

    Option Choose When... Notes
    Resume Later You want to stop the test, but plan to come back to it later. — Test score will be recorded after test is resumed and completed.

    — Test will resume on the same question number, but the question presented will be different.

    Resume Later cannot be used during the practice session, and it cannot be used on the first question of the actual test (Stop Test and Cancel are the only options available at those times).
    Stop Test You want to stop the test; you are finished with it and have no plans to come back to it. — Test score will not be recorded.

    — The next time the student logs in to take a test, the student will begin a new test.
    Cancel You want to continue taking the test now instead of pausing or stopping it. — Test continues as usual.
  3. Enter the monitor password and click Stop Test .

    • You cannot substitute your Renaissance Place password for the monitor password.
    • If you forget to enter a password before clicking Stop Test, you will be reminded to enter it, and you can try again.

    • If you enter the wrong password, you can try again. However, if you enter the wrong password three times in a row, you will not be able to stop the student's test. Check the Monitor Password preference to make sure you are using the correct monitor password.

Once the correct monitor password is entered, the test is stopped or paused.