Resuming an Interrupted Test

An unfinished test can be resumed if the test was interrupted in one of the following ways:

  • If the test was intentionally paused by the teacher or test monitor.
  • If the student lost connection to the server or accidentally closed the browser or app during the test.

  1. Start the web browser and go to the Renaissance Place address (URL).
  2. On the Welcome page, click I'm a Student.
  3. The student enters his or her user name and password, and then clicks Log In.
  4. On the Home page, the student clicks Star Early Literacy, and then clicks Take a Test.
  5. The student will see a message on the Star Early Literacy Student page reminding the student that he or she has an unfinished test.
  6. The teacher or test monitor should enter the monitor password and click Start .

  7. A message will confirm that the test is resuming, and then the student can finish taking the test.


  • An unfinished test can only be resumed within eight calendar days of its original starting date.
  • A test can be paused and resumed repeatedly. When a test is resumed, the student returns to the same place in the test where the student left off (the same question number), but a different question will be presented. This is done to prevent pausing the test in order to give a student more time to work on a problem.

    Example: On a Monday afternoon, Lisa is taking a Star Early Literacy test. She has just chosen her answer for question 12 and is about to enter it when she starts to feel ill. The teacher pauses the test and sends Lisa home. Lisa does not return to school until Wednesday. On Wednesday, the teacher resumes the test. Lisa resumes the test on question 12, but sees a different question than the one she saw on Monday.