Suggested Skills

Suggested skills are skills within the core progression that the chosen student(s) should be ready to learn. For a single student, the skills presented are based on the student's Scaled Score; for an instructional group of students, the skills presented are based on the median Scaled Score of all the students in the instructional group.

There are two ways to reach the Suggested Skills page:

  • For one student: On the Student Details page, click View Suggested Skills.
  • For all students in an instructional group: In the Record Book, choose Instructional Groups in the Sort by drop-down list, then click View Suggested Skills above the table for a specific group.

You cannot view suggested skills for students "grouped" as Unassigned, but you can still view suggested skills for an individual unassigned student by selecting the student's name and then selecting View Suggested Skills on the Student Details page.

Suggested Skills links and options:

The View drop-down list shows the student or instructional group these skills are for. You can use the drop-down list to choose a different student or instructional group.

When one student is chosen, that student’s Scaled Score is shown here . When an instructional group is chosen, the median Scaled Score for the students is shown.

Individual students can use the trend score (presuming they have one) instead of their most recent Scaled Score to determine which skills are shown.

The suggested skills from the Core Learning Progression are shown here , sorted by grade. Highlighted in blue is a set of skills that, based on the student's scaled score, he or she has likely only partially mastered. Focus skills have a double-angle quotation mark (») in front of them.

To see (and highlight) the skills the student or instructional group is most likely to be ready to learn, select Go to suggested skills .

When you select the description of a skill , you will see information about that skill, such as instructional resources, ELL support, prerequisite skills, and so on (the amount and type of information presented varies from one skill to another). If instructional resources are available, select View Instructional Resources to see teacher activities, skill probes, and other resources to help you teach the skill effectively.

The skill is presented on a skill card ; the instructional resources related to the skill and links to those resources are shown below the card .

Below the skill cards, you will see these tabs for the skill that you are viewing:

  • Skill Details: Select this to see detailed information about the skill, such as the skill area, content-area vocabulary, conceptual knowledge, linguistic competencies, ELL support information, and standards.
  • Resources: Select this to see resources that you can use to work with students on this skill. Resources might include teacher activities, skill probes/sample items, lessons, performance tasks, or videos.
Below the name of each resource, you will see the overall average ratings given to each resource (if any). (In the example above, the DOK Item is rated 4 stars based on 1 rating.) Ratings can come from any user of Renaissance Place software. If you move the cursor over the stars, you can see the overall average rating for each category: Overall Quality, Skill Alignment, and Thoroughness.

To rate a resource, select Rate this resource if you haven't rated the resource before. If you want to change your rating for a resource, select your rating (such as "4 out of 5" in the example below ).

In the window that opens, select a rating for each category; then, select Submit .

After you rate a resource, you will go back to the page, where you will see your rating to the right. Your rating will be included in the overall average (the stars) within a few minutes; you may need to refresh the page to see this.

Note: Although this interface is similar to what you would see on the Reading Dashboard, the suggested skills and resources presented for a student via Star Early Literacy may not be the same as what you would see on the Reading Dashboard. This is because the Reading Dashboard bases its selections on the setting of the Learning Standards Preference in Renaissance Place; Star Early Literacy shows skills from the learning progression for your district, which was selected when your site was set up (either Core Progress or Core Progress built for Common Core State Standards). During the 2014–15 school year, Star Early Literacy will be updated to observe the Learning Standards Preference as well.

To print the list of suggested skills, select the printer icon . The icon also appears on instructional resources, allowing you to print them as well.

When you are finished, select Done .

You can also get to an alternative view of the Suggested Skills page by clicking Enter Core Progress on the Star Early Literacy Enterprise Home page or Enter Core Progress for Reading on the Star Early Literacy Resources page. You will see all the skills and additional information about them, but none of them will be highlighted as a suggested skill for a specific student or group.

If you are looking at the alternative view of the Suggested Skills page, several of the links and options listed above will not be shown:

  • The View drop-down list
  • The Scaled Score (for one student or the median Scaled Score for an instructional group)
  • The option to use a trend score for suggested skills
  • The Go to suggested skills link

If you get to this page by starting from the Record Book, there will be a Return to Star Record Book link on the page.

This link will not appear if you get to this page from the alternative suggested skills view described above.