Scaled Score

The Scaled Score (SS) is the actual score that a student received on the Star Early Literacy assessment. It is calculated based upon the difficulty of the questions and the number of correct responses.

It ranges from 300–900; this scale was chosen so that the range of Scaled Scores is 100 times the age range for which Star Early Literacy was designed—from about 3–9. Scaled Score values roughly indicate the typical age of students with similar performance.

Scaled Scores are useful for comparing student performance over time and across grades.

In Star Early Literacy software, other ratings are derived from the Scaled Score; for example, the Scaled Score places the student in one of three Literacy Classifications.

The Scaled Score is included in these reports: Growth Proficiency Chart, Growth Report, Instructional Planning - Student, the Parent Report (English and Spanish), the Summary Report, the Test Record Report, the Diagnostic—Student Report, the Screening Report, and the Student Progress Monitoring Report.