Estimated Oral Reading Fluency

Estimated Oral Reading Fluency (Est. ORF) is an estimate of a student's ability to read words quickly and accurately in order to comprehend text efficiently.

Students with oral reading fluency demonstrate accurate decoding, automatic word recognition, and appropriate use of the rhythmic aspects of language (e.g., intonation, phrasing, pitch, and emphasis).

Estimated Oral Reading Fluency is reported in correct words per minute, and is based on a known relationship between Star Early Literacy performance and oral reading fluency.

For instance, the score interpretation for a second-grade student with an Est. ORF score of 60 would be that the student is expected to read 60 words correctly within one minute on a passage with a readability level between 2.0 and 2.5.

Star Early Literacy reports estimated oral reading fluency only for grades 1–3.

Estimated Oral Reading Fluency is included on the Growth Report, Summary Report, Screening Report, and Diagnostic—Student Report (also called the Student Diagnostic Report Skill Set Scores).

For more information, see the Star Early Literacy Technical Manual.