State Standards - District Report

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

The State Standards - District Report shows estimates of students' mastery of their state's grade-level standards or the Common Core State Standards.

The report is designed to show high-level information on large groups of students at in a district or school, and give the user a number of options for breaking the data down.

There are two ways to begin printing the State Standards - District Report; use whichever method you prefer, then go to step 1:

  1. Click Star Early Literacy on the Home page, then click Reports.
  2. Select your school from the School drop-down list, if necessary.
  3. Click State Standards - District on the Select Report page.
  1. Click Star Early Literacy on the Home page, then click Enterprise Home.
  2. Select your school from the School drop-down list, if necessary.
  3. Click District below "State Standards" in the Enterprise Reports section of the Enterprise Home page.

  1. Select the options you want to customize for this report on the Report Options page. When you customize this report, you can choose these options:

    If you have access to more than one school (such as a district level administrator or district staff member), you can choose one school to run the report for, or all schools for an entire district.

    Depending on the size of the district, it may take a while to generate this report. You will see a reminder about this if you choose All Schools for the Schools option.

    Choose a single grade to print the report for, or choose All Grades to print the report for all grades in the school.

    Reporting Parameter Group

    The State Standards - District report shows data from test scores spanning a 30-day period. Enter the date you want to use as the end of this 30-day span. For example, if you choose April 15 as the date, the report will show data from all Star Early Literacy tests taken between March 17–April 15.

    Choose which standards will be shown on the report: the assessment standards for your own state, or the Common Core State Standards, which is a diverse group of standards for practice that have been adopted by multiple states. (The name of the state standards will vary depending on your state.)

    If your state has no assessment standards, the Common Core State Standards will be used.

    Projected growth is an estimate of how much improvement a student or group of students should experience between the current date and a future date based on Star Early Literacy test results to date.

    The end of the school year is the default date, but a different date can be selected; you can also choose not to include this data in the report.

    If you enter a custom date for Show Projected Growth that is earlier than the date picked for the Reporting Period, then growth cannot be calculated for some or all of the students.

    Choose how to group the information on the report: by district (not grouped) or by school.

    • This report uses the Group By, List By, and Sort By options; these options are applied in that order.
    • Teachers, school level administrators, and school staff will not see the Group By option for this report (for these personnel, the information is automatically grouped by school).

    If All Schools and All Grades are chosen for the Schools and Grades options, the Group By option will be restricted to District (Do Not Group).

    This is a secondary "grouping" option. Once a Group By option has been chosen (District or School), this option determines how grouped items are listed (by teacher, class, group, or none).

    • If a report uses a combination of Group By, Sort By, and/or List By, they are applied in the following order: Group By, List By, Sort By.
    • For teachers, the List By options are limited to Class or Group.

    If All Schools and All Grades are chosen for the Schools and Grades options, the List By option will be restricted to None.

    Choose how to sort information on the report: by students' rank or name (alphabetical order).

    Note: This report uses both the Group By and Sort By options; on the report, the Group By option is applied first.

    Use this option to put the different standards (chosen in the Select Standards to Show option) on separate pages.

    Use this option to print a list of the options you've chosen on the report. If you decide to run the report again at a later date, you can refer to this list of options to make sure you're using the same ones.

  2. Click View Report when you are finished choosing options.
  3. Star Early Literacy will generate the report. When it's ready, the report will open in Adobe Reader, or your default PDF reader.