Star Early Literacy Reports

The Star Early Literacy reports provide more information about your students and classes and the results of your students' Star Early Literacy tests.

Your role determines the content of the reports.

  • Teachers can print reports for their own classes.
  • School staff and school level administrators can print reports for any classes in their school.
  • District staff and district level administrators can print reports for any classes or students in a school.
  • Parents can print the Parent Report if the parents have been added to the software and they've been given their user names and passwords.

Many of the reports show results from the most recent test; the Growth Report and Test Record Report include previous tests as well.

IMPORTANT: As a Star customer, we encourage you to retain this year's important student information for reference when the new school year starts. Not all Star Assessment report data are accessible on the Renaissance Place platform from year to year. Some reports are designed to be used only during the current school year.

Here are two examples of reports that generate data you may want to save from Renaissance Place prior to changing from the current school year:

  • Student Progress Monitoring Report—This report contains intervention progress information that's helpful for educators who will be working with the same intervention students next year, or for sharing with those educators who will be providing intervention to your current students next year. We recommend saving a hard copy or PDF of these reports before the start of the next school year.

  • Growth Report—While this report actually can be run next fall, the Student Growth Percentile (SGP) data contained within it will no longer be displayable once you change from the current school year. We encourage educators to run this report at the end of this school year so you can benefit from the data at the beginning of the new school year.

You can read the short list of the reports that we recommend saving by visiting