How to Print the Parent Report

To view and print the Parent Report, you must have a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader) installed on your computer (on certain Macintosh computers, you can use Preview instead).

If you don't have a PDF reader installed, click Get Adobe Reader at the bottom of the Home page. Follow the instructions to install the program.

Follow these steps to print a Parent Report:

  1. Start your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari).
  2. In the web browser window, go to the address provided by your child's school.
  3. On the Renaissance Place Welcome page, click Parent.
  4. On the Parents login page, type the user name and password that you received. Then, click Log In.
  5. The parents' Home page opens.

    If the you have more than one child using the Renaissance Place programs, use the student drop-down list to choose the child whose information you want to view.

    If your child is in more than one school, you will have to use the school drop-down list to choose the appropriate school.
  6. Under Star Early Literacy, click Parent Report (for the English version of the Parent Report) or Informe en EspaƱol Para los Padres (for the Spanish version of the Parent Report).
  7. Star Early Literacy will generate the report. When it's ready, the report will open in Adobe Reader, or your default PDF reader.
  8. Click Home at the top of the page to return to the Home page.