Enterprise Home Page

The Star Early Literacy Enterprise Home page has links to a number of features and reports.

To choose a school, use the School drop-down list at the top of the page.

School level administrators, school staff, and teachers will not see the School drop-down list unless they are assigned to more than one school.

Star Early Literacy Test: Learn more about the Star Early Literacy test, and set the program preferences.

Benchmark Options: View and set the screening dates and benchmarks for your school and/or district.

Record Book: View students' test scores and assign them to instructional groups.

Historical Extract: Gives you access to test data from previous school years for Star Early Literacy, Star Math, and Star Reading.

To go the Star Early Literacy Reports page, select Reports.

To go to the Renaissance Place Reports page, select Consolidated Reports.

To go directly to a Star Early Literacy report, select the link next to the report's name.

Diagnostic Report (Diagnostic - Student Report link)

Instructional Planning: Student | Class

Longitudinal: Growth | Cross-Sectional

Growth Proficiency Chart

State Standards: Student | Class | District