What Is a Star Early Literacy Class?

Certain Star Early Literacy features only apply to students who are enrolled in a Star Early Literacy class.

So, what makes a class a Star Early Literacy class?

Adding courses, adding classes, assigning products to classes, assigning teachers to classes, and enrolling students in classes are all tasks that are done in Renaissance Place. Usually, these tasks are done by an administrator (by default, teachers cannot perform these tasks).

When you assign teachers to classes, you are allowed to choose which Renaissance Place programs are used by that class/teacher and the role of the teacher in that class.

To indicate to the program that a class is a Star Early Literacy class, you must check the Star Early Literacy box for that class/teacher and choose the "Lead" role for that teacher.

Note: If you assign more than one teacher to the class, you can only choose one of them as "Lead" for Star Early Literacy.