School Administrator Capabilities

School administrator users include principals, assistant principals, intervention specialists, and librarian/reading coordinators.

The table below lists the capabilities that school administrators have by default.


Determines Who Can...

Content (most tasks done by Renaissance Learning)

Manage Content Manage content, such as quizzes or libraries.
View Content View content, such as quizzes or libraries.
Share Created Content (School) Share created Star Custom assessments or assessment items with anyone in the selected school or yourself only.

School Years, Marking Periods, and Days Off

Manage Marking Periods and Days Off Add, edit, copy, or delete marking periods (such as quarters or semesters) and days off for the school administrator's assigned school. Marking periods are used for reports and goal setting. Days off are used for some report calculations.

Courses and Classes

Manage Courses and Classes Add, edit, copy, and delete courses and classes, or add and remove students and team teachers in classes. School personnel can only do this for their schools.
View Courses and Classes View course and class information for the school administrator's assigned school.

Personnel Information

Manage Personnel Add, edit, or delete personnel information in the school administrator's assigned school.
View Personnel View personnel information.

Student Information

District-Level View of Student and Personnel Information View student and personnel information in all schools (not just schools to which they may be assigned). Only users who should see information for all schools should be granted this capability.
Manage School Enrollment Enroll or unenroll students in schools. School personnel can only enroll students in their schools.
Manage Students and Class Enrollments Add students, enroll students in classes, edit student information and characteristics, manage custom characteristics in the database, and delete students from the database for the school administrator's assigned school. This does not include the ability to import, export, or merge student information.
View Students and Class Enrollments View student information, including class enrollment.
Merge Students Merge duplicate student records into one. School personnel can merge student records for their school.
School-Level Student Export and School-Level Student Import Export student information within the school administrator's school or import students into that school.

Parent Information

Manage Parents Add, edit, or delete parent information.
View Parents View parent information for parents in the database.

Classroom Work

Manage Classroom Activities Manage student assignments, goals, scores, and classroom reports, including Record and Assignment Books.
School-Level Access Access all classes in all Renaissance Place products.
View Classroom View classroom work, such as student assignments, goals, and scores, including Record and Assignment Books.


School Reports View reports for the school administrator's school and its teachers, classes, and students.
Teacher Reports View reports for an individual teacher's classes.
Parent Reports View parent reports.
Filter Reports by Characteristics Limit reports to students who have been assigned specific characteristics in Renaissance Place.
Filter Reports by Ethnicity Limit reports to students with specific ethnicities, which are set when you add students or edit their information.
Manage Reporting Periods Set the reporting periods for Renaissance Place Consolidated reports. Reporting periods are time periods that you can select for the report.

Software Preferences

Manage School Preferences Change school-level preferences for any product at the school administrator's school, such as the Accelerated Reader Student Quizzing preferences.
View School Preferences View school-level preferences for any Renaissance Place product at the school administrator's school.
Manage Default Capabilities Choose the capabilities for any person or group using Renaissance Place software at the school administrator's school.
View Default Capabilities View the capabilities given to new users in each group at the school administrator's. Capabilities for existing users may be different.

These capabilities can be added for school administrators:

  • Manage Data Consolidation: Schedule when the software consolidates data from all products for Consolidated reports, or consolidate data as needed.
  • Manage Student Data: Permanently remove and recover student records. Note: All users who are given this capability must be given the Manage Students and Class Enrollments capability as well.
  • Share Created Content (District): Share created Star Custom assessments or assessment items with anyone in the district, the selected school, or yourself only.

Some capabilities that are intended for other groups may not be available to school administrators, including these: Change Data Editing Preference, District-Level Student Export, District-Level Student Import, District Reports, Manage District, Manage District Preferences, Manage School Year, Manage Schools, View Schools, and View District Preferences.