Widgets for Showing Accelerated Reader Data

Widgets are a few lines of HTML code that you can add to a website to display students' Renaissance Place data. Widgets are a fun, visual way to display up-to-date information. Use widgets to share students' Accelerated Reader Quiz activity with staff, students, parents, and the community. Five themes allow you to customize the appearance of the widget.

Widgets can be created to display Nationwide, District, or School data. You can also view widgets on an iPhone™ or iPod touch® by downloading the K12 Activity app from the App StoreSM.

The widget shows the following information:

  • Whether it is a Nationwide, District, or School Widget
  • Number of books read in timeframe (from passed quizzes)
  • Number of words read in timeframe (from passed quizzes)
  • The timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, or year-to-date) during which these numbers are gathered
  • Titles of recently read books representing the most recent Accelerated Reader Quizzes passed in your district, school, or grade

Creating Widgets

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators

On the Home page, select Widgets.

You will go to the Widgets website where you can create widgets in the gallery.

For more information about using Widgets, see the Frequently Asked Questions on the Renaissance website.