Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


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The classes may not have a primary teacher or products assigned in Renaissance Place.

Edit the class to make sure that the class has a primary teacher assigned and that the products the class will use are selected.

If a primary teacher is selected and products are assigned, check the school year dates in the top-right corner of the page (after your name) to make sure you're working in the correct school year.

If a person tries to log in too many times with an incorrect password, the account may be locked. Locks on accounts can be cleared; any locks that aren't cleared manually are automatically cleared at midnight. To find out how to set the limit for login attempts or how to clear locks, select one of the following:

Make sure the person uses the correct user name and/or password next time. For students, you can get a list of user names and passwords in Renaissance Place.

This happens when your browser cache settings are set to never check for newer versions of stored pages. Change this to "Automatically" or "Once per session." To find out how to change the cache settings for your browser, see the browser's help.

It is possible that the student is already in the software, but is not currently assigned to a school (so the student's record is inactive). Try reactivating the student's record to find the student.

If the other student is not found when you search students who are not enrolled in a school, try searching in all schools on the View Students page and entering just the ID or user name.

This can happen if you have more than one person adding students to the software or if you have imported students from multiple files. You can use the Merge Student Records feature to compare the two records and decide whether to merge them or delete one.

The most common reason for this is that you are selecting the printer icon in the browser toolbar or choosing a print command from the File menu instead of selecting the Adobe Reader print button just above the report.

If you are using Adobe Reader X or XI and you do not see the Adobe Reader toolbar with the print icon, the toolbar might be hidden; for more information about how to see the toolbar, go to

When you are given extra capabilities that aren't normally available for people with your position, you may be able to choose a different role from the Home page by selecting your user name, selecting Change Role, and choosing the role you want to work as. If you have this option, try choosing a different role, then look for the links again. A School or District role typically gives you more links than the Teacher role.

Popup blocking software sometimes prevents Accelerated Reader quizzes and Star tests from loading properly. When this happens, students may see messages telling them:

  • to return to another window even though one is not available, or
  • that popup blocking software may have caused a problem

If you haven't specifically installed popup blocking software, it may have come with a browser toolbar you may have installed, your browser, or anti-virus software. Change the settings of your software or uninstall unwanted toolbars to prevent these problems. For more information, see

This happens when your program administrator has set restrictions on which data can be changed using the Data Editing Restrictions preference.

 means this task is allowed, but cautioned because your changes may be overwritten by another system, such as the Custom Data Integration service (CDI)

 means this task is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select Users.
  2. Select View Students.
  3. Select the school that the students are in if you have a School drop-down list.
  4. Select other search criteria as needed - a class or grade, or the information for a specific student. If you want to see all students in the school, do not select any information.
  5. Select Search.
  6. Select the Passwords tab.
  7. The students will be listed with their user names and passwords. To print the page of search results you are viewing, select Print Page on the right. If you want to print all results and choose grouping and sorting options, select View PDF instead.

For all personnel, you can see their user names by viewing the person's information.

For security reasons, the software does not have a way to view personnel passwords, but you can edit personnel information to reset a person's password if the password has been forgotten. Personnel who have previously entered an email address on the Login Settings page and who have verified that email address can also reset a forgotten password themselves or retrieve a forgotten user name.

Grant the Manage Courses and Classes capability. However, please note that teachers who have this capability can also do the following:

  • Assign or unassign products from any and all classes in their school.
  • Assign the primary teacher and assign or unassign team teachers for any and all classes in their school.
  • Enroll or unenroll students in any and all classes in their school.
  • Create new courses and classes in their school (valid for all other users to see and use) or copy classes from the previous school year.
  • Delete courses in their school (which will delete all classes associated with the course).

Make sure that the class has a primary teacher and that products are checked for the class - you can check both by editing the class.

If you already have teachers assigned for your classes, you can select the products for all classes in a course.

CDI stands for Custom Data Integration. It is a service that gets your Renaissance Place courses, classes, assigned teachers, and enrolled students from your school information system. If your school or district uses CDI, you should check with the person who administers Renaissance Place at your district or school before you add or change Renaissance Place classes, courses, students, or personnel. Any changes you make to this information could be overwritten the next time CDI runs.

You can set up IP restrictions to limit this type of student work to the computers at your school. To do this, use the Security Options for Students and Parents.

These restrictions will prevent students from doing school work from home in any of the Renaissance Place products.

However, IP restrictions will not prevent students from working in Renaissance Home Connect if it is available to your district or school. Students will still be able to use Renaissance Home Connect to view the results of their past work in Accelerated Reader. For more information about Renaissance Home Connect, select it on the Home page; then, select What Is Renaissance Home Connect.

Yes, you can do this by creating a flat file export.