Switching Roles in Renaissance Place

Some people in your district or school may be assigned more than one role, or they may be assigned to more than one school. For example, the librarian in the high school might also teach a class in one of the middle schools.

Renaissance Place keeps track of these multiple roles and school assignments. You can switch between roles or schools after you log in or any time while you are using the software. The role or school you choose may affect the links you can see in the program.

People normally change their user types in order to perform tasks in the program that are restricted to specific user groups. If you are trying to perform a task and finding you don't have access, try switching your user type in the drop-down list.

On the Home page, select your name, then choose Change Role. Then, select the role that you want to work as.

You may also have this option if you have been given extra capabilities, even if you don't have more than one role in your school or district. If you have been granted more capabilities and you don't see the links you need, check for the Change Role option from your Home page and choose the role that applies to the task.