Searching for a Student's User Name

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

When a student wants to log into Renaissance Place but cannot remember his or her user name, you can perform a search for it. Note that you cannot search for passwords, only user names.

The ability to search for a student's user name is a security feature that may be turned off.

  1. Select I'm a Student on the Renaissance Place Welcome page.
  2. Select Forgot Your User Name?.
  3. If you see a page where you can choose the school the student is enrolled in, select the name of the school, and select Next >.
  4. Enter the student's first and/or last name in the appropriate blank fields and select Search. (You don't have to enter the entire name; the software can perform partial matches.)
  5. If this page shows the wrong school, select change school now. Then, select the school name and select Next >.

  6. A list of students who match the search criteria you have entered opens.
    • If the student is listed, select the student's name.
    • If the student is not listed, select < Back to go back and enter search data again.

  7. When you have chosen a student's name, you will be returned to the student login page, with the student's user name already filled in. Enter the student's password and select Log In.
  8. After you log in, the student's Home page will open.

    Make sure you have the correct password. Student accounts can be locked if you try to log in several times with the wrong password.