Login Settings (Password, Email, Security Questions)

When you go to the Login Settings page, you can change your password, enter your email address, or set your security questions and answers.

You should enter your email address so that you can use the Forgot Your User Name and Password link on the login page if you forget that information. After you enter an email address and save your settings, you will be sent an email with a link to a page where you can verify your email address.

Security questions are not required, but if you select and answer them, you can use them to reset your password when you select Forgot Your User Name or Password on the login page.

Follow these steps to change your settings:

  1. On the Home page, select Users.
  2. Select Login Settings in the User Profile section of the page.
  3. Next, enter your user name and password; then, select Sign In. The software asks for this information so that another user cannot change your settings while you are away from the computer.
  4. On the Login Settings page, you can show or hide a section by selecting the heading.
    • If you want to change your password, in the Change Password section, enter a new password in the Enter New Password and Confirm New Password fields.
    • To enter or change your email address, enter it in the two fields in the Email Notification section of the page. When you save your settings, an email will be sent to that address; you must select the link in the email within 72 hours to verify your email address. If you need a new email, return to this page and select Re-send Verification. Remember that your email address must be verified so that you can retrieve a forgotten user name or reset a forgotten password in the future.
    • Your email address is used only to retrieve a forgotten user name, to verify your identity so that you can reset a forgotten password, and to notify you of changes to your account.

    • To set or change security questions, select a question from each of the three drop-down lists and enter your answer. The answer to each security question must be different.

  5. Select Save to save your information.
  6. If you set or changed your email address, you will see a message reminding you that it must be verified. Select OK.
  7. You will be sent an email. Select the link in the email within 72 hours to go to the Verify Your Email Address page. On that page, enter your user name and password; then, select Sign In. A message will tell you that your email address has been verified; when that happens, you can close the page.

    If you need a new email sent for any reason, return to the Login Settings page and select Re-send Verification.