Assignment List

The Assignment List is on the right side of the Home page for students. It shows students a list of their assignments along with the status of those assignments.

Students select an assignment in the list to start the assignment. This list includes assignments from AR 360 Instructional Reading, Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, and Star Custom.

Students can also select work that they have finished from this list to see how they did. Completed assignments include AR Independent Reading quizzes.

Students use the first drop-down list to show All of their assignments, assignments they have Not started working on yet (Ready assignments), assignments they are Working on (In-Progress), or assignments they are Done with (Completed).

Students use the second drop-down list to see assignments from Everyone or to choose a specific teacher so they can see assignments from that teacher. Assignments that students started on their own (like Accelerated Reader quizzes) will show the student's name.