How to Use This Help

The options available to you in the help depend on the size of the window.

A standard large help window looks like this:

On the left, the open tab shows you which product you're viewing help for. You can select a topic on this tab, or select a link with an arrow to see more on that subject. If you want to see the help for another product, select the Other Products tab, then choose a product.


If the help window is smaller, to see the Contents, select Browse Help Content at the top, then select the product name or Other Products.

To search for information, use the field in the top right corner. In a smaller help window, select search, then use the search field that opens below it.

You can print or email the topic that you're reading by selecting the icons under the topic title.

Many help topics include references to Related Topics. You'll see a list to the right (at the bottom of the page in smaller help windows).

Select Feedback to let us know whether this topic answered your question and to tell us how to improve the topic. The Feedback form is on the right or the bottom of the window (depending on the size of the window). Note that the help feedback form does not identify you or your school, so if you need customer support, please email instead.