Editing Reporting Periods

Reporting periods are used for Consolidated reports. You can select the reporting periods to include when you generate one of these reports. Each reporting period is available to every teacher and administrator who prints Consolidated Reports.

Follow the steps below to change reporting periods. Note that the changes won't be available for your Consolidated Reports until after the next consolidation.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators

  1. On the Home page, under Dashboards and Reporting, select Consolidated Reports.
  2. Select View Reporting Periods on the left.
  3. The Reporting Periods page lists the reporting periods that have been added. To edit a reporting period, select Edit in the row for that reporting period.
  4. On the Edit Reporting Period page, you can change the reporting period name, the short name that appears on reports, the start date, and the end date.
    • To change the reporting period name or the short name, delete the old information and type the new information .
    • To change the start date, you can delete the old date and type a new date, or you can select the calendar button and choose a date from the calendar that opens .
    • You can change the end date as you did the start date, or you can choose to set the end date a set number of days, weeks, or months after the start date . To do this, type the number of days, weeks, or months in the blank "Set end date in" field. Then, use the drop-down list to choose Day(s)Week(s), or Month(s). Then, select Set.
  5. To save your changes to the reporting period, select Save. Your changed reporting periods will be available for reports the next time data is consolidated. (To find out when this will happen, go back to the Consolidated Reports page and check the Data Consolidation Status.)
  6. To exit this page without saving the reporting period changes, select Cancel.