Deleting Personnel

Do not delete personnel until you are sure that you do not need their records in your data. Deleted and inactive personnel cannot log in to use the software, and you cannot report on a deleted teacher's classes in the current school year or past school years unless you assign another lead teacher to those classes.

When you delete personnel, you will be able to choose whether to inactivate their records or permanently delete them from the database. Keep these restrictions in mind:

  • You cannot permanently delete personnel with certain records attached to their name (such as an assignment to another school or a designation as both a teacher and a parent); these personnel will be inactivated instead.
  • You cannot permanently delete a person whose record is already inactive. (When you search for personnel, you will see "Inactive" next to the name of inactive personnel in the search results. If you want to permanently delete an inactive personnel record, you must reactivate it first.)

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators

  1. On the Home page, select Users.
  2. Select View Personnel.
    • To retrieve a list of all personnel, do not enter any search criteria and skip to step 4. (If you are a school administrator, this only finds all personnel in your school.)
    • Type the person's first and/or the last name in the appropriate blank fields. You do not need to type the entire name if you are not sure how it is spelled. You can also use the School drop-down list to select the person's school.
    • If you want your search to include personnel who are not currently assigned to any school or the district (or personnel who have not been permanently deleted), check the Show Inactive/Unassigned Personnel Records box. If you select a person whose record is inactive, you cannot permanently delete that person until you reactivate his or her record.
  3. Select Search.
  4. The personnel who matched your search will be listed. Click Select next to the person's name. (If the list is long, you may need to select Next >> and << Previous to move forward and back through the list.)
  5. Note: If the person is assigned to more than one location, it does not matter which location you select.

  6. The View Personnel page shows you the person's preferred first name, user name, gender, ID, and primary position. Select Delete Personnel Record.
  7. The next page will ask if you are sure that you want to delete the person.
    • If you want to delete the person permanently, check the Erase Permanently box. If you do this, you cannot recover the personnel record later.
    • If you do not check this box, the person becomes inactive, and you can recover the person later.
    • Select Yes to continue, or No if you decide not to delete the person.

  8. The page will then notify you that the person has been deleted or inactivated. If the person could not be deleted permanently, the person will be inactive, even if you chose to delete him or her permanently. Select Done.

To recover a personnel record:

  • Search for the person by following steps 1-4 above; be sure to include inactive/unassigned personnel records. If the person is assigned to more than one location, select the location that you want to reactivate the person's record for.
  • On the View Personnel page, select Reactivate Personnel or Activate Personnel Record in This School. The link you see will depend on your role and the person's previous assignment.
  • You may be asked if you want to activate only the person or the person and all of his or her records. To continue, select Only to activate only the person, or select All Records to activate the person and all of his or her records.
  • The program tells you if the person has been successfully activated. Select Continue.