Current School Year

The current school year is the one that includes today's date. This is the school year that all users of the software are working in by default when they first log in.

If today's date is not in a school year, you will continue to work in the last school year until the new one begins. This is based on the dates that have been entered for each school year.

If the old school year has ended and a new school year has not been added yet, an alert may appear on the Home page for district personnel to remind them to add the next school year.

You can choose to work in a different school year if you want to run reports for past years or set up data for the next school year. When you choose to switch to a different school year, the change affects only you, not anyone else using the software. You will continue to work in the school year you have chosen until you log out or choose a different school year again. If you choose to work in a past or future school year, the Home page header will show that school year in gold; on other pages, a notice at the top of the page will remind you that you are not working in the current school year.