Copying Classes from the Previous School Year

You can copy classes from the previous school year by following the steps below. You can only follow these steps if there are classes in the previous year to copy and you have not copied classes into this school year yet.

When you copy the classes, you are copying the marking periods assigned to them as well (with the dates updated to be within the current school year). Many class-level preference settings for all products (such as Accelerated Reader or Star Reading) are also copied so that you don't need to set the preferences again.

  • Class Student Quizzing preferences (TOPS Report Printing, Monitor Password Required, Vocabulary Practice Include Definitions, Literacy Skills Retakes, Automatic Student Log Out, Other Reading Quizzes Passing Percent, Vocabulary Practice Review Percent, Vocabulary Practice Review Only Quiz Length, and Vocabulary Practice Student Comprehension)
  • Other Reading Series Preference (the series selected for each class)
  • Quiz Setup Preference (quiz types each class is allowed to use)
  • Individual Student Settings (TOPS language, TWI settings, Recorded Voice availability, and Quizzing Allowed restrictions - including book level and interest level restrictions)
  • Extended Response (pass/fail criteria)
  • Page Layout (font size, answer placement, and whether to list the objectives included on an assignment)
  • Practice (default practice size, duration of each size, and whether objectives are automatically assigned when none are available for practice)
  • Printing (enable/disable duplex printing, preview assignments before printing, and embed fonts)
  • Renaissance Home Connect (allow or prevent scoring of practices and exercises in Renaissance Home Connect)
  • Scoring (automatically print next practice and enable/disable scoring of exercises and tests by students)
  • TOPS Report (include/omit correct answer, learning card, summary, and parent signature)
  • Mandatory Practice (require student to practice after first failed test on each level)
  • Monitor Password (require/do not require and set password)
  • Problem Format (horizontal, vertical, or combination - exceptions are not copied with classes)
  • Question Type (free response or multiple-choice and set multiple-choice shortcut keys - exceptions are not copied with classes)
  • Time Goals
  • Time-Out (per practice and test and per problem)
  • TOPS Report (when printed and whether parent signature required)

Star Early Literacy, Star Math, and Star Reading preference settings are not copied when you copy classes.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators, School Staff

If you are a school administrator and you are assigned to more than one school, at the top of the Home page, select your user name, then select Change Role to choose the school you want to work with before following these steps.

  1. On the Home page, select Courses and Classes.
  2. If you are a district administrator or district staff member, use the School drop-down list to choose the school for which you want to copy classes.
  3. Select the Copy/Edit Classes and Marking Periods link, which includes the name of the previous school year. This link is not available if no classes are available to copy or if you have already copied classes.
  4. On the Copy Classes and Marking Periods page, choose the option you prefer:
    • Copy the classes and marking periods only, without the teachers, products, or students.
    • Copy the classes with their marking periods and the assigned teachers and products, without last year's students.
    • Copy the classes, marking periods, assigned teachers, assigned products, and last year's enrolled students.

    All three options also copy the class preference settings for all products from the previous year.

  5. Select Copy.
  6. The next page will confirm that the classes have been copied into your new school year. Select Done.