Complete and Incomplete Classes

When you view the classes in a course, you will see tabs for Complete and Incomplete Classes.

Complete classes have a primary teacher, products assigned, and students. Students in complete classes can work in the products that you have chosen.

Incomplete classes are missing the primary teacher, products, or students, so they are not ready to use the software. On the Incomplete Classes tab, you will see - None - for the missing information in the table (as you do for Students in the example above). Select the class name to edit the class and select or add the missing information:

  • If the class is missing a primary teacher, select the class name. Then, on the Edit Class page, select a primary teacher from the drop-down list, and select Save.
  • If the class is missing products, you can select the class name, select the products on the Edit Class page, and save. A primary teacher must be selected before you can assign products.
  • If the class is missing students, on the course page shown above, select Add/Remove Students in the row for the class. You can then search for the students and add them.