Changing Roles on the Home Page

Some of your personnel may perform more than one role in the school or district; for example, an assistant principal may also teach some classes. Others may be assigned to more than one school, such as a librarian who manages both the elementary and middle school libraries.

If you have more than one role in the software, more than one school assignment, or extra capabilities, when you select your name at the top of the Home page, you will see a Change Role option. Use this option to choose the type of user you want to work as or to choose the school you want to work with. You can switch user types or schools after you log in or any time while you are using the software.

The user type or school you choose may affect the links you can see in the program. If you don't see the links you need, use the Change Role option to choose the user type that applies to the task. For example, if you are a teacher with extra capabilities, you may need to choose Teacher User when you want to work with your assigned classes, but School User when you want to enroll students in a class.