Alerts or Notifications on the Home Page

On the Home page, you may see one or more alerts or Notifications at the bottom of the page.

There are three types of alerts:

These alerts inform you of new product features or other changes to your software. For example, if the server hosting Renaissance Place for you will be undergoing maintenance, you would be notified in an alert.

When you see these alerts, you must take specific action in the software. For example, if a parent has requested access to Renaissance Place, you will see an alert here so you can view the request and choose to accept or deny it.

For these alerts, you must take immediate action. For example, if the terms of the Renaissance Place license agreement change, you will need to agree to the new terms before you can use the software.

Alerts will have whatever links are necessary for you to take action, view more information, or dismiss the alert. Some alerts require special attention:

District administrators and school administrators will be presented with a notice that they must view and accept the terms of the Renaissance Place License Agreement. They will be provided with a link to view the license; on the license page, they can choose to accept or not accept the agreement.

If an administrator-level user does not accept the agreement within 30 days after the alert first appears, the alert will appear on the Home pages for district staff, school staff, and teachers. At least one user in the district or school must agree to the license agreement.

When 90 days remain before your subscription runs out, an alert appears to remind you. This alert can be dismissed, but it will reappear again when the subscription is down to 60 days, then 30, then 15. During this time frame, if your subscription is renewed, your subscription will be updated, and this alert will not reappear until 90 days prior to the end date of the new code (next year).

If you are going to renew your subscription but the number of days remaining reaches 0 before you do, the alert can no longer be dismissed, and a 60-day time frame begins, during which you can continue to use the software while your subscription is being renewed. At the end of 60 days, if you still haven't renewed your subscription, Renaissance Place enters a limited functionality mode: you will only be able to use the software to generate reports. Note that if you renew your subscription during this 60-day time frame, the new subscription starts the day after the end date of the old subscription.

Example: The subscription for Jones Elementary School expires on 6/30/2012. The subscription is renewed (during the 60-day time frame) on 7/15/2012. The renewed subscription does not run from 7/16/2012 to 7/15/2013; it starts on 7/1/2012, the day after the original end date of 6/30/2012, and runs to 6/30/2013.

District administrators and district staff will see an alert if a school year has ended and no new school year has been added. The alert will remain until you add the next school year.