How to Take Practices and Tests

  1. After you log in, you will see your Home page; select Math Facts in a Flash.
  2. If you are enrolled in more than one MathFacts in a Flash class, you must choose a class to work in. Select the class name.
  3. Use the next screen to make the following choices:
    • Choose the type of work you want to do.
    • To practice or test to master a level, select Work at your current level.

      To try for a personal best time on a level you have already mastered, select Work at a previously mastered level.

    • Choose the language (English or Spanish) you want to work in.
    • The default is English.

      To use the Spanish version of the program, select EspaƱol (in the upper-right corner).

      If you are working in Spanish, select English to use the English version of the program.

  4. What you do next depends on what type of work you picked.
    • Work at your current level:
    • You are trying to master this level.

      Select Practice or Test. If you are testing, select Start Test. Take the practice or test.

    • Work at a previously mastered level:
    • You are trying for a personal best time on a level you have already mastered. (This choice is not available if you haven't mastered any levels yet.)

      Select the level you want to work with. Then, select Challenge.

      Take the test.

  5. When you finish a practice or test:
    • You will see a screen with your results and goals.
    • The screen includes the problems you got wrong so you can review the correct answers.

    • To view your TOPS report, select TOPS. Next, to print your TOPS report, select Print.
    • If you have finished working, select Exit.
    • You will return to the page where you select the type of work you want to do.

      To exit MathFacts, select Logout (in the upper-right corner).

    • If you want to keep working:
    • To work on mastering the next available level, select Next Level.

      To continue working at the current level, select Try Again. Use this to improve your accuracy and/or your time.

      To work with a level you have already mastered, select New Goal. Use this to improve your time and to review.

When you are testing or practicing

  • The screen shows your name, whether you are taking a practice or a test, a count showing what problem you are on out of the total number of problems, and a Stop Practice or Stop Test button.
  • As each problem is displayed, choose an answer. You cannot skip a problem.
  • Your teacher decides how you answer problems. You will usually use your mouse to select on the answer. To choose an answer, you can:

    • use your mouse to select the answer
    • use the arrow keys
    • type the letter of the answer
    • type the answer itself

    When you have selected or entered your answer, press Enter or return.

  • During tests, select < Back at the bottom of the screen to go back one problem and choose a different answer.
  • You can only go back one problem, and only during tests (not practices). The additional time it takes to answer the problem again will be added to the total time for the test.

  • During practices, if you choose a wrong answer, the program draws an X over the wrong answer and circles the correct answer. The same problem is shown to you again. This gives you a chance to answer the problem correctly and remember the correct answer.
  • There is a time limit for each problem.
  • If you need to stop taking a practice or test before you have finished, select Stop Practice or Stop Test (in the upper-left corner). Your teacher may have to enter the monitor password.
  • Tests always have 40 problems.
  • Practices are at least 20 problems long, but they may be longer.