Sending Offline Responder History to Renaissance Place

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

Things to Remember About Sending the History

  • The history is automatically cleared from the Responder when you send it to Renaissance Place.
  • The history will be sent to the Renaissance Place address that you set in the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
  • Once you send the history, Responder practice information will be included in the Class Progress and Student Record Reports if you choose to include the practice summary.
  • Students will need their PINs to send the history to Renaissance Place. To see and print a list of student user names, passwords, and PINs, on the Home page, select Users, then View Students. Search for students; in the search results, select the Passwords tab. (You may also contact your school administrator or district administrator.)

How to Send the History

  1. What you do depends on the Responder model and firmware you are using. Use the arrow keys to highlight an option; then, press Select:
    • If the menu includes only one MathFacts in a Flash option, select MathFacts in a Flash, then Offline, and then History.
    • If the menu includes two MathFacts options, select MathFacts History.
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight Send to Renaissance Place.
  3. Press Select or Enter.
  4. The Responder will notify you that all data will be cleared from the history when you send it to Renaissance Place.
  5. If you want to continue, press yes (True).

    If you do not want to continue, press no (False).

    Press Select or Enter.

  6. If the Responder asks whether to stay connected to a specific Receiver, press yes (True) or no (False). Then, press Select or Enter.
  7. If the Responder shows a list of Receivers, use the arrow keys to highlight the correct Receiver name. Then, press Select or Enter.

  8. Enter the 9-digit PIN for the student. As you enter the PIN, if you enter a wrong digit, press Clear to erase the last digit you entered. When you have finished entering the PIN, press Select or Enter.
  9. The Responder will notify you if the PIN you entered was too short (fewer than 9 digits) or if it is wrong.

  10. The data will be sent to MathFacts in a Flash RP and cleared from the Responder.