Stopping a Practice or Test on Responder

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

Stopped practices and practice tests will not be saved in the practice/test history.

This information applies to both Responder models and both Online and Offline work on Responder.

To stop a practice or test that a student has started on Responder:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. You may be asked to enter the monitor password.
  3. If the monitor password is required, the teacher must enter that password using texting techniques and press Enter.

    If the password is not required, press yes (True) to confirm that you want to stop the practice or test; then, press Enter.

    Use the Monitor Password Preference to determines if a monitor password is required to stop a test.

    Monitor passwords may be required if you are using Responder model RESP using firmware version 4.03 and above and MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place on Responder.

  4. A message will confirm that the practice or test has been stopped. Press Enter.