Responder Settings

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

To change Responder settings:

  1. Press On/Off to turn on the Responder.
  2. Highlight Settings in the main menu and press Select.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the setting you want to change. Press Select.
  4. See the information for the setting you chose in the table below. Press Select after changing a setting.
Setting Description
About Shows you the firmware version and connected Receiver name. Use the arrows to scroll up and down.
Contrast Lets you increase or decrease screen contrast using the arrow buttons.
Search for Networks Searches for the Receivers in range and lets you select one to connect to.
Change Font Size Allows you to choose whether to use the default small font or a large font. Select the font size and press Select; then, press yes (True) to confirm that you want to keep the new font size.
Student Information Enter the student name or ID that you want to include when you print the MathFacts in a Flash practice/test history. If the Responder is owned (see below), the owner's name will be shown, and you cannot change the student information.
Assign Owner, Reset Owner, and Change Ownership PIN Note: Responder Ownership is used with AccelTest, not MathFacts in a Flash. However, Responder Ownership can affect entering the Student Information into the Responder.
Lets you assign a student owner, change the owner, and change the owner's personal identification number (PIN).
Security Lets you enter the encryption key if it is required for communication with the Receiver. Contact Renaissance for more information.
Firmware Update Lets you update Responders to a newer version.