Working on Responder: Offline versus Online MathFacts in a Flash Work

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

The table below compares online and offline MathFacts in a Flash work on Renaissance Responders.

Offline Online (Renaissance Place)
Need to be in range of a Renaissance Receiver while working? No - only when printing and sending the history Yes
Can students practice and take tests? Yes Yes
Can students master levels? No Yes
Can students challenge best times? No Yes
Are all available levels included No - just addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division Yes
Do changes to mastery time and preferences in MathFacts in a Flash RP affect student work? No Yes
How are the results of work shown on reports? Work can be included on the Class Progress Report and Student Record Report by including the practice summary (as with work done in Renaissance Home Connect or in the NEO 2 MathFacts in a Flash Offline SmartApplet). Work done is reported the same as work done when students log in to Renaissance software on a computer or when students use the NEO 2 MathFacts in a Flash RP SmartApplet.
What type of question is used? Multiple-Choice Multiple-Choice or Free-Response (determined by the Question Type preference).
Available in Spanish? No No

On Responder model RES-1001 (see the number on the back), only offline MathFacts in a Flash work is possible, and it is only possible if you are using firmware version 2.xx.

On Responder model RESP, if you are using firmware version 4.01, only only offline MathFacts in a Flash work is possible. If you are using version 4.03 or higher, both offline work (using MathFacts in a Flash Offline) and online work in Renaissance Place (using MathFacts in a Flash Renaissance Place) are available.

Note: If you are working offline with MathFacts in a Flash, each Responder model saves a total of 50 practices or practice tests. Once the limit of 50 is reached, the oldest result is deleted to make room for the newest. Renaissance Learning strongly recommends that you regularly send the history to Renaissance Place and/or clear the history from the Responder.